What You Missed Last Week….

Ok, you caught me. This is late. But worse things have been late, er right? Anyways, it’s Monday, so cheer yourself up by catching up on the highlights of last week!

The Thirsty Blogger tells us why alcohol is so expensive in Malaysia and what you can do about it!

Kevin interviews Kings Of Leon, finds out if they were really asking us to come over last night…

Miranda goes behind the scenes on the Kpop explosion and reveals one of her dark secrets in the process.

Banana Republic goes soft, makes us want cuddles.

We interview Plastikman, aka Ritchie Hawtins, he tells us what’s coming up for Plastikman in 2011.

Concerts and events galore! We’ve got all of KL’s hottest events right here. As well as post coverage in our gallery.

Ever wonder what the world would be like if it was run by cats? This week’s video from Best Coast shows us exactly how that would play out.


This week we’ve got TONS of Laneway content coming up, from interviews with the bands, reviews, tunes and more! So stay tuned!