What World Leaders Would Look Like as Street Fighter Characters

Stirred up by the Syrian chemical attacks, artist Tik Ka from East or rather, Hong Kong, has illustrated a series of drawings of world leaders as characters a la popular fighting game Street Fighter, who are capable of fighting their own battles instead of involving the rest of us in their political squabbles.

His style combines traditional Chinese art with cartoonish caricatures of an ensemble of world leaders parodying characters from Street Fighter. So who’s going to win? Let’s meet all our leaders, err, fighters in this series, shall we?

Angela Merkel, the usually straight-faced stateswoman, clutches onto a mandatory jug of German beer as she retires from her serious day job.
We’re not sure why Barack Obama becomes a monk who can karate but he certainly looks Pepsi commercial ready.
The stocky boxer Donald Trump trudges with what seems to be an inflatable sex doll on his shoulder.
Moustache-strutting Emperor Hirohito stands tall in full samurai gear, wearing a Rising Sun logo-plastered headpiece.
The self explanatory seig heil-ing Hitler character doesn’t need an introduction here. If only he didn’t need the millions of Nazis to fight for him.
The bigger built version of ISIS militant Jihadi John glares menacingly while he holds a hostage in one hand and a knife in the other.
Kim Jong Un looks like a 5th grade bully whose mom packed him a nuclear arsenal for lunch.
Putin is ironically the most homoerotic character here.
The infamous ‘Madman of the Middle East’, Saddam Hussein‘s overalls take the attention off his Iraqi army uniform and the similarly coloured noose around his neck. He also looks a bit like Mario’s evil doppelgänger Wario now.
Xi Jinping is a Wing Chun master dressed in Ip Man’s gear with a literal monkey on his shoulder, which may symbolise his chase towards the China Dream.

Keep up with Tik Ka From East’s artworks here on his Facebook page. More Design stories, click here.