What Went Down: Vans King of Gap 2013 @ Citta Mall

source: Vans

Whoever said skating was a dead sport? Back again for the third time, Vans King of Gap welcomed us at the outdoor car park of Citta Mall wit a pile of warehouse junk stationed in the middle of nowhere. Passer-by’s inspected the scene and their curiosity quickly turned into attention as skaters hailing all the way from Singapore and Indonesia ollied their way to the 40-feet long ramp, prepping themselves to be crowned this year’s Vans King of Gap.

This year featured only the open category  in which skaters were divided into groups of five. Each group was given a total of 15 minutes, where each skater was required to take turns to showcase their best trick at the gap, played by the Best Trick format. Marks were allocated to each participant based on the difficulty of the trick performed, landing and also whether it contained the wow factor.

The afternoon was a rollercoaster of pure entertainment as skaters grinded and kickflipped under the blazing sun in hopes of coming out at the top. Every minute was a jaw dropping mixture of amusement and suspense as we witnessed some executing their tricks gracefully with pride while some, not so much. This projected admirable perseverance and determination and even though there could be only 3 winners, every challenger walked out victorious, crown or no crown. According to the judges, it was a really stiff competition out on the gap, but a champion had to be named.

Through all the blood, sweat and broken bones, Rawie Mahat from Singapore once again retained his title as the Vans King of Gap for the 2nd consecutive year, winning the grand prize of RM3000, while following not far behind was fellow Singaporean and Vans Singapore Rider, Farris Rahman with RM2000. Clashing for the spot of 2nd runner up were Azreen Azman (Vans Malaysia Rider) and Rozaimi Rasid who caused high tension when they both performed the same trick of a perfect switch front-side 180 flip hence resulting in a tie worth RM1000. We’re already looking forward for the next one.

Vans King of Gap 2013 went down on Sunday 8 December ’13 at Citta Mall carpark. For more pictures, click here.