What Went Down: The Used Live in KL @ KL Live

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Rockaway 2011’s biggest headliner act, The Used made a highly anticipated return to KL, this time on the stage of KL Live. Organised by Vantage Cube, the band’s legions of fans that couldn’t get enough of the quartet the last time flocked to the venue as early as 5pm in hopes of getting the best view.

With a whopping four opening bands, it felt like overkill as fans became slightly let-down by the prolonged waiting time for the main act. Although Busco and Oh Chentaku got the crowd excited and singing along, the latter bands Scarlet Heroes and Caravel received a rather lukewarm reception despite the former pulling off a rather amusing gesture by dressing up as superheroes. This writer feels that organiser should just stick to the traditional two opening acts next time.

As soon as The Used got on stage, the crowd wasted no time rushing forward and sandwiching each other to get as close to the band as possible. Apart from some very inconsiderate individuals who were smoking in the middle of the crowd, most were courteous by letting the girls go in front so that they would not get hurt during the stage dives. Vocalist Bert McCracken, guitarist Quinn Allman, drummer Dan Whitesides, and bassist Jeph Howard drove the crowd wild as they took the stage and kicked off with a blistering performance of ‘Listening’ followed by ‘Bird and the Worm’.

Bert was as energetic as ever, interacting with the audience in his own unique way, by spitting on a fan after she declared her love for him. All in good fun though. Fans head-banged and sang along without missing a single word, a definitive proof of  how The Used’s music has impacted their teenage-hood. Unfortunately, indoor venues have their cons as fans who attempted to crowdsurf were quickly pulled down by security.

All in all, it was an amazing experience for their diehard fans as The Used performed hits from all of their previous and current records like ‘I Caught Fire’, ‘All That I’ve Got’, ‘Pretty Handsome Awkwardand ending the show with the song that they didn’t manage to perform back in 2011, ‘A Box Full Of Sharp Objects’.

Bird and the Worm
Put Me Out
I Caught Fire
Taste of Ink
I Come Alive
All That I’ve Got
Take It Away
Buried Myself Alive
Blood On My Hands
Pieces Mended
Pretty Handsome Awkward
On My Own
A Box Full Of Sharp Objects

The Used Live in KL 2013 went down on 19 May 2013 at KL Live. For a full image gallery of what went down, check it out in the gallery.