What Went Down: Tapping of the Barrel @ Brotzeit, Mid Valley

Fans of beer everywhere now have a reason to drink without having to explain themselves. OktoberFest has officially taken off on this side of town, where the celebrations will continue on for the length of the entire month! Into its 202th year now, the tradition continued on at Brotzeit German Beer Bar & Restaurant last 22 September. Some 70 people from the media and specially invited guests came together one very special evening to officially launch the month-long celebrations with the traditional way done in Germany dating back to 1810!

Deputy German Ambassador Dr. Michael Feiner and Brotzeit’s resident Bavarian chef Mr Helmut Murmann initiated the ceremony with the age-old OktoberFest tradition of beer-tapping – a simple act where you ram the tap in the first barrel of beer of the season with a wooden hammer. The beer that poured out from the barrel was then greeted with the loudest cheers of O’zapft is!” which translates to mean the barrel has officially been tapped.

The rest of the night saw the debut of the OktoberFest platter (RM255++), an original creation by chef Helmut Murmann himself who had come up with it specially for the occasion. It comprises of a mouth-watering smorgasbord of Brotzeit’s signature pork knuckle, meatloaf, lumberjack steak, garlic sausages, spicy chicken sausages and gypsy bacon slices served with a side of sauerkraut and potato salad. Juicy, tender and flavoured to the bone, everything was cleaned off with mush gusto and enthusiasm.  There was not a single disappointed mouth that night!

The merrymaking ensued throughout the night with Brotzeit’s resident five-piece band, Deriolama, entertaining the crowd with a repertoire of today’s latest pop songs as well as the traditional songs of Germany. It was a true-blue celebration German-style at Brotzeit, the best way OktoberFests should be celebrated!

For more sights from the night, check out the photo gallery here.