What Went Down: Plan B’s Kitchen Takeover Tasting Session @ Plan B, Bangsar Village I


Plan B has changed itself temporarily to introduce a new concept it’s been working on — a pop-up dining experience. Everything about the popular eatery will be different — from the menu to its interior (though the price range maintains) — for a span of one month. The reason for this is mainly to create different palate perspectives for customers using recipes that aren’t available in other restaurants. Think fusion foods such as Beef Rendang Waffle, Singapore Chilli Crab Spaghetti, Springfield donut (it’s what you think it is), and Coconut Jam Yu-Clair, just to name a few.

JUICE was invited to a tasting session early last week to put these claims to the test. Before we get into what we liked, we need to address two things — one, there was a flatlay corner. It was divine. Two, their Iced Chocolate had pretzels, chocolate chip, and ice cream in it. Definitely a drink we’d recommend sharing with someone unless consuming an excessive amount of chocolate, cream, and more chocolate is an achievable feat all by your lonesome, then please, by all means, have two.

The dish we’ll really have dreams of after this menu is shelved was the Beef Rendang Waffle; the rendang was sandwiched within the waffles, so when served, it looked like a usual serving of waffles and fries but once they were cut open, the insides showed a glimpse of heaven. Fusion naysayers might just be converted. Then, continuing in that trend, there were dishes like Nasi Lemak Waffle, Grilled Pineapple Salad, Croissant Cheese Burger, and Lemon Curd Tart that are definitely worth a try (or four — no one’s judging). The main dishes were faultless, however, we have to admit that the desserts didn’t quite live up to their presentation. But don’t just take our word for it (entirely), try ‘em for yourself at Plan B in Bangsar Village I before Friday 15 April ’16.

In the meantime, look at the pictures below for some incentives:

Iced Chocolate

Springfield Donut



The Plan B Kitchen Takeover started Tuesday 15 March ’16 and will run until Friday 15 April ’16. Browse through the #PlanBKitchenTakeover hashtag to keep up with the pop-up dining experience.

Join the takeover here.