What Went Down: Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge Singapore 2013 @ Marina Bay Sands

source: Johnnie Walker

When JUICE thinks of high-society parties we get a little nostalgic. It was about 11 years ago when the thought of hanging out with celebs like Mika Hakkinen amongst throngs of beautiful people and free-flowing Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve was just a dream to us as a young indie music mag trying to make our name in the biz.

Being privileged enough to actual go for those parties as we grew up as a publication really opened our eyes. Yes, it’s nice to feel atas once in a while, but that doesn’t mean it has all got to be fluff. We’ve been to a few events where it was super-boring despite the expensive set-up, and we’ve been to those in similar settings which were just as exciting as a night of debauchery, out with our Music Editor. The best events we’ve been to of this prestigious-nature really brought the glamour-level up on par with the entertainment.

We’ve witnessed this time after time at the commemorative race parties thrown by Johnnie Walker over the years which showed that famed whisky brand took the glamour of motorsports as serious as they would their Scottish heritage. Flying back home from the recent Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge in Singapore only made us reminisce how lucky we were to go from being doe-eyed Writers to being able to pick and choose only the good parties to attend. We weren’t the only ones feeling this way as the event was graced by celebs Anita Kapoor, Daniel Boey, Sheila Sim, Oli Pettigrew, Paul Foster, Rosalyn Lee and even former F1 World Drivers’ Champion Mika Hakkinen.

Already feeling awestruck, we were swept away at the venue at Marina Bay Sands by the elaborate décor customised by Johnnie Walker for the party. A huge bar in the middle meant that the drinks kept on following throughout the night. The Johnnie Walker Flavour Lab also returned with an incredible array of experimental cocktails which included Gold Berry Rock, a raspberry cocktail solidified in liquid nitrogen; Johnnie’s Toddy, a classic warm cocktail simmered at 60 degrees Celsius and torched before serving; and Honeybee, an edible concoction created with ice molds. Yum!

As expected, the entertainment was much alive with smooth and sexy beats coming from US-based DJ Mel DeBarge and fashionable DJ-duo Posso. Missing their show at the now-defunct Bedroom, we were elated to catch Posso in action. Meaning “I can” in Italian, the beautiful Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini bring grrrl power to a different level rocking the clubs, fashion shows, parties and the pages of Nylon magazine on a regular basis.