What Went Down: Heineken Thirst x JUICE Pre Party Series @ Cuvée, Penang

source: Ian

The second leg of the Heineken Thirst x JUICE Pre Party Series tour had our preconceptions down the gutter as we were greeted with an experience that trumped even the best of what KL has to offer. Trust us, this wasn’t from a beer-aided exaggerated perspective, Penang’s Cuvée was brimming with so many punters, you’d believe that a bar can be turned into an all-out rave. Never had we believed that we could use the terms “blow the roof” or “bringing the house down” to an almost literal extent, until Heineken Thirst x JUICE Pre Party Series happened that is.

No night has ever kicked off on that level immediately, obviously it took time for people to trickle in. Sure enough as time passed us by in an instant, we were standing inside the venue looking out to a vast sea of people lined up before us. That was quicker than expected, we thought to ourselves, and before we knew it, we could barely manoeuvre back into the venue by the time we finished that thought.

Buckets of Heineken were spread out and the crowd warmed themselves up as Darling Sabrina assisted with her bumping beats and quirky sounds. Known for her affinity for progressive and trance, she started the night off effortlessly, successfully pushing the right buttons – figuratively and literally – to get the people all buttered up for the next act. Jee Hoe knew exactly what to do, his sick tunes, which were less commercial than the rest yet no less electrifying as he got everyone up on their feet and bopping their heads. Soon enough, the little liberty that we had left to move around grew smaller and tighter, leaving the room feeling claustrophobic with cheers and zero personal space. No one minded though, the people were already indulging in what was building up to be an awesome night.

The highlight of the night was hands down Goldfish & Blink, who took the deck and owned it. The crowd roared while the venue continued to blow up as people were tucked at each corner and flowing all the way to the entrance. The floor shook hard not only due to the booming vibrations of the speakers but also by the Penangites bouncing off their legs, all hyped up with overflowing energy to the edgy beats and bright tunes provided by the duo. Before we could even catch our breath, the overwhelming number of people dawned upon us: Looking up, it felt like the packed people upstairs were about to pour down to the ocean of clubbers raising their bottles in the air with the other hand pumping to Goldfish & Blink’s festival-ready set. Heck, even the restrooms were clogged up!

Our local DJ heroes did a solid job taking the party up to a whole new level. It is definitely safe to say that Penang took the torch from Ipoh and proved that there was more than just food and novelty graffiti to this lovely state. Let’s pass it on now to the final leg in Johor Bahru and redefine the meaning of party.

Heineken Thirst x JUICE Pre Party Series @ Cuvée, Penang went down on Saturday 23 November ’13. Find more event pictures here.

For info on the last leg of the tour in Johor Bahru, click here. Tag #Thirst2013 on your party photos on Instagram or Twitter and we might just feature them!