What Went Down: Freaky FREEDOM @ KL Live

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Decorations in KL Live last Saturday were reminiscent of Halloween revisited. Gargoyles graced the stage, welcoming revelers into a dungeon-like venue. Freedom party goers had the choice of wearing various masks. Many party-cipants also showed up in costumes, in line with the Freedom theme. Freedom also had people masquerading as some characters right off the silver screen. Chucky, Dracula and Jason Voorhees (of Freddy vs. Jason fame) strolled around the venue for further dramatic effects.

The entrance was decorated with headstones resembling a graveyard. Pre-recorded blood curdling screams were played on loop, as a welcome greeting to those new to the freaky freedom ground. Ticket holders were also entitled to free flow of drinks until 11pm. That was a major bonus to all freak-aholics at the event. The poison of choice for the night was aptly named ‘Eyes Shard’, as desired by the fans. Several screens were erected around the crowds with projections of horror images. It felt as if the devil himself had a hand in picking out representations of terror to suit the mood.

However, far from dreadful, the energy from the crowd was practically leaping off the walls. It was unmistakable that they were having the time of their lives. DJ Simon Lee & Alvin had first dibs to warm up the dance floor. The response to their tracks of progressive trance, infused with electro beats was just the beginning to a night of madness on the dance floor. More people trickled into KL Live as time passed by; it was crystal clear that the highest point of the night had to be the international DJs, Ummet Ozcan and Leon Bolier. The Dutchmeisters had the crowd spellbound, embracing the jagged beats. The venue was pulsating with deep bass tracks, with some 300 people dancing, shuffling and grooving to the beat. Screaming their lungs out, the crowd were eating out of their sets to every rhythm dropped, every loop raised.

All night long, the enthusiastic crowd had spacious room on both floors of KL Live to maneuver their dance moves, whilst balancing their drinks. A few over-eager guys decided to go about topless (demonstrating their love to the DJs perhaps?) and barefooted. Might not have been the most hygienic thing to do, but hey! What are parties for if it doesn’t bring out the craziest in you?

FREEDOM gave us a scream-fest @ KL Live on 19 November 2011. Check out photos here

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