What Went Down: Ferry Corsten @ Zouk

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We got Merry with Ferry last Friday at Zouk KL! The hype for Corsten, who is sitting comfortably at #18 on DJ Magazine top 100 DJ poll had been building up all week. The opening act for the night was DJ Fono, who currently holds a residency at Zouk KL. Highly sought after, DJ Fono’s skills lie with progressive trance and winding us up to a T with his remixes. It almost seemed that the night belonged only to him before Ferry took centre stage at 1.30am. However, it was a wait that was worth the while.  We are thankful that the chaos within the venue was organized, although we are sure there were many a bruised toe. Whilst DJ Fono was dropping familiar tracks for the crowd to warm up the atmosphere, it was decidedly heated when Ferry made his appearance. Screams erupted from the fans as the blonde tufts were visible at the DJ console.

The youthful looking DJ had smiles all around for flashing cameras in every direction whilst prepping for his set. However, at one point, Ferry’s team had to halt fans from taking photos with flash as it interrupted his concentration on the deck. Nevertheless, we’d be hardpressed to find complains from party-goers of the night. The climax of the night had to be when Ferry dropped his signature, a Coldplay track. Christmas arrived early for the full house that night and we’re most grateful to have had a slice of Corsten before 2012 rings in!

Check out photos here. Ferry Corsten showed us a good time @ Zouk on 23 December 2011.

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