What Went Down: Crossover’s ‘Memoir’ 10th Anniversary: Chapter 01 @ Bangunan Pan Global, PJ

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Crossover celebrated being a decade old in the most appropriate fashion; a party. Is there a better way to reflect on a brand’s achievements other than raiding their open bar and walking through an exhibition which highlights their milestones? Not really.

There was a line of people queuing up to enter the building at 7pm. It was an unusual sight since we’ve been so accustomed to seeing most guests arriving at a party a couple of hours after it starts. We were there at 7pm too, by the way, so we were obviously very punctual. Most people wore the standard streetwear uniform du jour — black apparels and sports shoes. The rest probably didn’t get the memo or didn’t want to be an accidental twin to the rest of the crowd.

From its entry point to where the DJ console was, laid a long line of canvas panels showcasing Crossover’s history and their future. It included the first batch of products the premium sneaker store had stocked and one side of the Nike Jordan I, which happened to be the founder’s first pair of sneakers. Then, the history lesson continued with brands Crossover had worked with in the past such as Carhartt, Levi’s, Vans, and Converse, and ended by revealing an exciting collaboration with a sportswear brand that’s scheduled to launch in 2016. It was overall a nostalgic experience for both the team and the guests — to see how well the brand had grown since its infancy.

After the brief history lesson, we spent most of the night where the drinks and music came from, you know, the best part of the space. Courtesy of Xu, the playlist consisted of a good mix of old and new hip hop; from the likes of Tupac and N.W.A to Drake and Kanye. Crossover has built a reputation for being the go-to place for sneakerheads around the region and has evolved greatly since opening their first small-scale outlet in Johor Bahru, now with this massive anniversary, they just cemented themselves as an indelible part of the local streetwear culture for decades to come.

Check out some of the photos below:

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Crossover’s 10th Anniversary ‘Memoir’ Chapter 1 went down on Friday 27 November ’15. Keep up with the brand and its future projects here