What Went Down: Converse X Gorillaz X TAG Launch Party @ Barsonic

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Images Converse Malaysia

The Converse X Gorillaz launch at Barsonic last Friday was a night of fun, laughter, dancing, and free goodies for everyone to enjoy. The party kicked off with the first 100 guests receiving free limited edition Gorillaz posters at the door, and everyone got the chance to be in the running to win one of 4 pairs of Converse X Gorillaz shoes that would be given out during the night. Early birds enjoyed free flow until 10.30pm, which was just enough time for some people to get a good buzz going! Twilight Action Girl stepped it up by playing all the Gorillaz hits – ‘Feel Good Inc.’, ‘Melancholy Hill’ and ‘Clint Eastwood’ got the crowd going, and soon enough, there were people hitting the dance floor.

Sometime during all that dancing, TAG announced that they were about to start the lucky draw. Quite a few of the names called first weren’t in the room at the moment, so they missed out on some pretty huge goodies! Unlucky b*stards that they were, we say that it was their fault for leaving the party in the first place! Ah well, 4 other very lucky b*stards walked away with brand new Converse X Gorillaz shoes, each pair worth over RM200 each. Sweet!

TAG premiered ‘Do Ya Thing, the track Gorillaz worked on with Andre 3000 and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, which was a massive hit with the crowd. It was nigh unbelievable how Andre 3-Stacks went absolutely HAM on this joint (any rap verse that begins with “new word: onomatopoeia” is automatically the best verse ever). After all that excitement, you’d have thought the party calmed down a bit, but TAG kept the party going while doing what they do best – playing good music, and making the crowd happy.

Didn’t get a pair? Don’t cry. Hurry to the nearest Converse outlet, and get yourself a pair, or click here to pre-order. Check out the photos from the night here!

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