What Went Down: Asahi Super Dry’s Club Asahi @ The Butter Factory KL

Japan’s no. 1 beer, Asahi Super Dry hosted an event for close to 800 partygoers and made sure no one left without an awesome recollection of the night. Asahi turned Buttery Factory inside out and made it Malaysia’s very own little Tokyo for one night and one night only. From the never-ending flow of Asahi beers, to performances by some of Japan’s finest.

Butter Factory KL, was stripped down to be fully equipped with the elements that makes Japan, Japan. From the waiting lounge being transformed into a mini Tokyo, to the karaoke room that was open to singers who just needed to belt out their hidden talents right then and there. And down on the danceflor was a lit miniature setting that resembled the buildings of Tokyo; it allowed crowds to walk through and portrayed Japan in a way that was surprising. It couldn’t get more Tokyo than this!

Club Asahi took it to a whole new level when they brought down Japan’s No.1 DJ, Shinichi Osawa, and paired him up with Japan’s No. 1 beer to leave the audience in awe. Joining Mr. Osawa on stage were the infamous CyberJapan Dancers. They sure weren’t a negative sight. Dancers and DJ’s may seem like random and unexpected mix to the night, but it sure was a twist that got us on our feet. As much as we were focusing on a Shinichi’s performance that pounded the dance floor and the walls of Butter, whom are we fooling; we were also hell intrigued by the troupe’s sultry moves and fancy footwork.

More to add to the entertainment was Malaysia’s very own rising turntable enthusiasts, B.A.T.E. They continued to level up their deck time after the previous hard-hitting performance by Shinichi Osawa. Track after track the night took us far and into a dream where we managed to convinced ourselves, that we’re actually partying in Tokyo.

Club Asahi Tokyo took place on 4 October 2012, at the Butter Factory KL. For details on future Asahi nights, log on to Asahi’s official site