what the…?! pt. 8: bumper edition

Okay, so today I’m going to hit you with a whole barrage of odds and ends (and they’re pretty odd from start to end, phwoar) that I’ve scoured from all across the great digital divide. Enjoy:

Mickey Avalon is an extremely out-of-left-field hip hop artist whose portfolio of musical works are of such dubious merit that he makes Uncle Kracker sound like Methodman. Here is the music video for his biggest single, ‘Do The Jane Fonda’:


Canibus, the MC that dared step up to LL Cool J and dissed the socks off the ever-Botoxed Mr. Smith, might just be setting himself up for major clownings when he decided to let his new album, For Whom the Beat Tolls, look like this:
Nathan Sawaya is a Lego Professional, meaning he makes really nice things out of Lego blocks for a living. We should all be so lucky. Then again, not all of us are patient and diligent enough to do this:
Yes, it’s Han Solo frozen in Carbonite.

Last but not least, gangsta rap comes full circle in this Youtube video as Grand Theft Auto hijinks get edited to the tune of Ice T’s ‘New Jack Hustler’. Perfect soundtrack material, if you ask me: