what the…?! pt. 6

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Be prepared to say goodbye to the days when you could ogle at nurses during your stay at the hospital for that slipped disk. Speaking of disks, here’s the reason why: the Aizu central hospital in Fukushima, Japan has started employing two robots to help them get work done in the ER. But the two – one blue and the other one green – aren’t there to perform surgery, at least not yet. Blue greets patients at the reception and coordinates their treatments and accomodations, and Green ushers them to their rooms. As you can see from the picture, it doesn’t mind doing some on-the-side luggage lugging, either. And you don’t have to tip.

And if you want to read about a robot that really does perform surgery, well, that day has come too. Sorta makes you feel old, doesn’t it? I’m just waiting for a flying Kancil. Yeah. I’d get that, for real.

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