what the…?! pt. 3

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We’re grinning from ear to ear, we are. UK graffiti legend Banksy teamed up with superproducer Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley and Danger Doom fame to fling a little doo doo on Paris Hilton‘s face when they decided to buy 500 copies of her debut album, Paris, and actually replaced them with remixed versions – complete with reworked CD inlay designs (see above) – at 42 record stores across the UK. Authorities aren’t quite sure if the stunt is illegal, since Banksy and Danger did buy the original copies, and the great thing is, no one who mistakenly bought the prank versions of the album has gone back to have them replaced! One record store owner was quoted as being an admirer of the pair’s spunk. Conclusion: everyone hates Paris. Yeah!