what the …?! pt.2

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David Friedman is a photographer. David Friedman is a Game Boy fanatic. Put those two traits about David Friedman together and you get this website dedicated to David Friedman’s Game Boy Camera Colour Photography Project. While the ancient, yet trusty GB does have a rickety digicam add-on, our intrepid photographer-slash-inventor was having none of the grainy grey and white images the default settings produced. Instead, he spent months of experimentation and frustrating trial and error to produce – voila! – grainy pixelated colour pictures.

We here at JUICE heartily commend Mr. Friedman for his scientific explorations into the infinite possibilities for an ageing handheld gaming console. But one has to wonder where he gets the time to do all this. And when might he direct his technical adventurism to turning the Nokia N-Gage into an actual gaming console and not just some cop-out sideways phone with keypad controls?

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