What Colour Should Your Eyes Be This Raya?

With a variety of contact lenses out there in the market, there’s none as reliable as Bausch + Lomb. The first soft contact lenses were introduced as early as 1971. Today, the company is the largest eye care product provider worldwide. Choosing the right colour for your eyes, on the other hand, is no easy feat especially for this coming festive season where Raya themes come to play. To make sure your look is on point, we’ve got 3 tips on how to identify which pair of Lacelle cosmetic lenses are the right ones for you.

Tip number 1: Figure out what are your priorities and preferences
Lacelle cosmetic lenses are available in monthly disposable or daily disposable. Monthly disposables are the best choice if you prefer consistency, it’s a budget-friendly option that allows you continuous use for one whole month. For sensitive eyes however, daily disposables are perfect so you have a fresh pair for different occasions. It’s also easier to travel with in case you need to balik kampung.

The Lacelle Diamond Daily Disposable cosmetic lenses help your eyes shine brightly with a light-reflecting pattern that mimics facets of a solitaire-cut diamond. As for choosing the right shades, there’s simply no harm in choosing contrasting shades to make your eye colour stand out. Rich blues for example, go extremely well with rich brown eye colours like Champagne Brown.

Tip number 2: Play with makeup to make your contacts lenses pop
Green eyes are made prettier with brown coloured eyeliner, while green eyeliner helps brown eyes stand out. If simplicity is your choice, a trusty bottle of mascara can lengthen your lashes for bigger and fresher eyes. Plan on channeling your inner 1960s Twiggy? Fake eyelashes on top and bottom can do wonders. Fans of lighter eye colours can rejoice; an easy way to make your eyes more alluring is by using a black eyeliner to line the top and bottom waterline.

The Lacelle Jewel range offers you seven shades of colours that go from natural to outstanding, so there’s something for everyone. The secret to alluring eyes isn’t “the bigger the better” (unless you’re cosplaying), it’s to have a well-balanced ratio. The Lacelle Jewel range has a natural big-eye effect.

Tip number 3: Choose accordingly
To make the best out of your purchase, invest in the right pair of Lacelle that you can always rely on from time to time. Darker eyes can benefit from a natural sheen that colours like brown, hazel, black, and grey can offer. The opaque tint gives off a subtle hint of colour that balances out a more dramatic makeup look, if that’s what you’re aiming for this Raya.

If standing out is more of your thing, then don’t shy away from unusual colours like purple, blue, green, and pink. It might be trickier to match with your makeup, but it’s a great statement accessory to simpler makeup looks. Darker skinned ladies have the advantage of using bright coloured contact lenses to complement their skin tone like Aishwarya Rai.

Lacelle cosmetic lenses aren’t just tools for better sight, they’re part and parcel of your beauty routine. Unlike other cosmetic lenses, be assured that Lacelle gives you the right amount of colour and superb comfort to last you the whole day.

Lacelle’s list of clients include some of the country’s top influencers like model and DJ Jane Chuck, TV personality Belinda Chee, and Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 Kiran Jassan. The wide range of cosmetic lenses are suited for every occasion, occupation, and style. Add a touch of glamour with Lacelle and Bausch & Lomb by picking out the right series for you.

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