What A Doof Bag

Cavemen sat on rocks. Fortunately you’re not a caveman. Because cavemen never knew the feeling of chilling on a Doof. Yes, after evolutions and countless ice ages, the rock has evolved.

The oversized beanbags come in 2 shapes, the rectangular called Roxanne and the round version called for Chuck, and in 7 glorious colours. Body hugging and stress relieving, it’s also good to know that Doof bags are drool resistant, 5 feet jumping defiant, dust proof and for the OCD come with an inner lining for safety and cleaning. yes, heave a sigh of relief….

There are also smaller versions for your pets, namely Spike for dogs and Millie for cats, and if you order up 1 or 2 or 3, delivery within the Klang Valley is free.

Doof beanbags are available by e-mailing [email protected] or calling Chantelle at 012 631 7798. For more information join ‘Doof Industries’ on Facebook or check out www.doofindustries.com.