We’re On Twitter!

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Here’s your chance to be with us 24/7 fellas! Anywhere, anytime! As we’re always on the go, it’s great news that we’re now on Twitter! We know you can’t get enough of us. Heh.

Whether we’re out on the street or plugging away at our desks, the JUICE team will be tweeting ya’ll on what we get up to so you’ll be the first to get the lowdown, you betcha. By now, you net-a-holics should know how all this works. Just Click us. Add us. Follow us.

If you don’t Twitter then have no fear. The latest Tweets feature right here on the site. Just check the left of the homepage. You can join up there too. Plus, we’re super-connected so you can get us on Facebook too.

FYI aside Twitter, there are other cool micro-blogging services you can use. Ever heard of Plurk? It works pretty much the same. Both these social networking-cum-micro blogging services allow you to shout out essentially anything under the sun. So your buddies can check it out live and comment on what you’re up to and vice versa. Get busy, and see you on Twitter!

You’re ONE click away, ta-da ! http://twitter.com/JuiceMy

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