well what do you know. joni really IS inspirational.

So there I was at Laundry, covering what I thought was another routine live music assignment. Man, was I wrong. Kicking off with indie upstarts Hujan (who brought along their massive cult of Rainjers) and followed by the ever-mellow reggae troupe calling themselves Pure Vibracion (I haven’t seen that many flying dreads in a looooong time, best believe), Laundry got bombarded by Bandung’s Inspirational Joni, whose unique brand of straight up rock n roll (with a smidgen of electro disco, don’t ask) shook the plaster off the walls. Oh you don’t believe me is it? Ask the Laundry staff what happened to one of their lounge tables. Yeah. Bodysurfed to sawdust, it was.

Here’s a short vid clip of the beginning of Joni’s descent into madness. Any jiggling you see is the result of my resisting the moshing of the crazed throng behind me.