Welcome to Orang Malaya’s Radland Inn

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source: Orang Malaya

The winner of this year’s The Wknd Recording Fund, HOAX Vision’s Orang Malaya is capping off his victory with a launch party of his debut EP Radland Inn. Though coming from a band background (as any one who attended the finale of The Wknd Sessions Live can attest to), Orang Malaya’s association with the HOAX collective has exposed him to hip hop’s microgenres, notably whatever the fuck you can make off Metro Boomin’s drum kit. Decidedly lo-fi and raw, Radland Inn is the pure id of this fidgety genre chameleon made sonic. Folk-slack rockers Jaggfuzzbeats, tripped out rapper Bastard, Spooky Black-inspired singer-songwriter Viktoria, and DJ I-Sky support, Naufal and JUICE Editor AOM host.

Date Friday 16 October ’15
Time 7pm
Venue Live Fact
Cover Free

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