Welcome To Hard Rock Hotel Penang

The legendary Hard Rock Hotel has arrived in Penang and will open its doors on 19 September 2009. For those of you only familiar with the bar-restaurant chain, Hard Rock Cafe expanded into the hotel and casino line back in 1995 with the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino off the infamous Las Vegas Strip. And while Penang might not be Las Vegas, it’s still a popular tourist destination and Malaysia as a whole has a growing rock community that started since the days of rock kapak in the late 70s that needs a hotel room to trash.

The new hotel recently received its first item of memorabilia from the national treasures of Zainal Abidin and queen of rock Ella. Zainal Abidin donated his drumsticks and percussions to the establishment, while Ella parted with her um, jeans and guitar. The items will be displayed at the hotel when it opens.

Being the hound dogs that we are, JUICE managed to get some artist’s impression pictures of Hard Rock Hotel Penang for those of you who are curious. Check em out below!

For more on Hard Rock Hotel Penang, head over to www.hardrockhotels.net/penang