New Weezer Video: Behind The Scenes

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It’s a good day here at JUICE! We’ve got our little hands on behind the scene’s footage of Weezer’s new video ‘Memories’.  Filmed on Super 8 cameras for a retro throw back and that home movie feel. ‘Memories’ was shot at the same location as Tony Hawk’s ‘The Search For Animal Chin’ classic skateboarding video and features those kids from Jackass doing what they do best – hitting each other and falling down.

‘Memories’, the first single from Weezers’ new album Hurley, is an homage to to days gone by – the days of pop-punkers, skateboarders, Jackass on MTV and general reckless abandon. The track seems to have taken a note or two from the bands new label, Epitaph – the home of Rancid and Social Distortion, with its punk influence and infectious sing along chorus.

Weezer’s back in action people! You can check out the final product and revisit your greatest memories below.


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