Weekend Nights with Dancing Queens at Fatty Boom Boom

Images Rizki Maulana

There should be a disclaimer placed at this cabaret venue’s entrance stating something along the lines of “No prudes allowed,” or “If you don’t believe drag queens are synonymous with great entertainment, this is not the bar for you to drink at.” The atmosphere in Fatty Boom Boom will traumatise anyone lacking in a sense of humour and an open mind, not to mention a functional liver – but we’ll get back to that later. This will undoubtedly be the place roisterers would turn to when a typical barroom’s appeal lessens – a nightlife establishment to reckon with in the offing.

The reasoning for such bold claims is credited (firstly) to Fatty Boom Boom’s bang-up job pertaining to whom they hired to host their Friday and Saturday nights – Bibi Kepoh. A brief introduction for those unfamiliar with the name; Bibi is a popular drag queen, she wears tiaras better than some pageant contestants despite being equipped with the same tool as every man, but she’s probably got more experience with them than some women have ever had (or so she claims). Here, she enjoys teasing patrons by asking suggestive questions (i.e. from “How big are your feet?” to a very blunt “How many times do you and your wife have sex?”) and asking birthday girls to feign orgasms in front of everyone in order to get cake (not a sexual reference… or is it?) – all in the name of laughter, of course. In between the friendly heckling and banters are performances by singers who belt out music that defined the cheesy ‘70s and ‘80s, aka ABBA and early Madonna. Suffice it to say, there are many dancing queens – drag or not – present on weekend nights.

Entertainment aside, the next best feature is its lightweight-unfriendly cocktail menu. It’s split into four parts: Classics With A Twist with drinks like Bloody Latina (Jose Cuervo, Malibu Rum, tomato juice, orange syrup, and orange bitters), Uluwatu Jamu (whiskey, JC Parfait Amour, egg white, homemade ginger flower syrup, pineapple juice, and turmeric), and The Corpse Bride (gin, Martini Extra Dry, absinthe, pineapple, and cranberry juice and homemade cilantro syrup); Signature Teapots — yes, they’re served in teapots — with Boom Boom Tea (gin, Absolut Blue Vodka, Campari, homemade ginger flower syrup, chrysanthemum tea, sea coconut) and Karmasutra (Bacardi Carta Blanc, Jack Daniel’s, Joseph Cartron amaretto, homemade curry syrup, green tea, and basil seed); then there’s Go Home or Go Hoe, which features drinks such as Fatty’s Cendol Blast (whiskey, milk, kaya pandan purée, cendol, honey, sea coconut), Creamy Cat (Bacardi, Bailey’s, Kahlúa, honey, fresh milk, cincau), and Katina (rum, Blue Curaçao, basil seed, chrysanthemum tea, vanilla syrup, kaffir lime leaves) — fun fact, drinks from this particular menu are served in plastic cups à la bubble tea; and lastly, the Last Standing Shot with jocose names like Rambutan Orgasm, Kentucky Bondage, Hot Mama’s Boy, and many more. Drinks are priced from RM20 to RM80 – these prices are inclusive of GST charges. Score!

While there is no food served at Fatty Boom Boom, it is however located directly above S.Wine — in fact, the entrance is through the restaurant — so, we’d strongly advise grabbing a bite to eat there before having any Japanese Blowjobs. Don’t get too excited now, it’s just the name of a shot, though after a few, it could be taken quite literally.

Table reservations are essential as their weekend nights are usually packed to the brim. If experiencing an animated night such as the one we happily walked into is appealing, set a date to check out Fatty Boom Boom on Fridays and Saturdays. However, the rest of its operational days are great for testing out its menu whilst catching up with friends.





T: 03 7710 0394