Wear-volution: You Are What You Wear

Out goes the baggy and in comes the flashy. Independent PR collective and local dance scene pushers Deck Time Stories take a closer look at dance fashion. Check it out, hipsters!

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What we personally love about the dancefloor crowd these days is the individual creativity clubbers put in for parties. There was a time when people didn’t really think or care much about what they’ll be decked in for a whole night of dancing.

A decade ago, outfits were mostly determined by the comfort that it brings to the wearer. Most party revellers or ravers used to opt for clothing that were flexible, worn in and most importantly, comfortable enough for them to get their groove on the dancefloor. Since most parties back then involved longer hours of dancing, partywear such as rave pants which are lightweight and loose-fitting were the answer. For the guys, loose shorts or very wide-legged or baggy rave pants paired with a t-shirt and a pair of funky sneakers did the trick and the ladies were mostly decked in t-shirts, tank tops, tube tops, bikini tops, and open-back halter tops paired with baggy pants as well.

Rave fashion suppressed in the ’90s managed to survive the hard times and celebrate its revival in today’s scene.  Since ’05 however the ’90s influence crept into the youth culture. The UK’s nu rave movement had a massive impact on fashion and music is probably the most obvious reason for its comeback. New music forms brought to you from the Klaxons, Shitdisco and others are said to be main influence for the scene’s fashion trend. Doc Marten boots and bright and neon coloured apparels made its way back in this new decade along with long tops leggings and let’s not forget the harem pants. This fashion revolution came along with the expanding of the indie/electro scene. Those who didn’t know how to describe the new trend simply referred it as the ‘Lapsap’ style based on the fashionable eclecticism of the Lapsap boys and the fans that came along with it.

While the nu rave style is still in fashion, another fashionable movement has been seen on our dancefloors and yes, we are referring to the hipster style. A hipster can be closely defined as individuals who are decked with social attitudes, tastes and a persona that is described as cool. Certain members of the fashionably safe community would describe hipster fashion as loud and attention-seeking. Vintage inspired outfits, skinny jeans, bright coloured glasses, dressy flats and ’80s inspired accessories are some of more popular attire within the scene.

If you ask us, there aren’t many differences in hipster and nu rave styles and it seems like the combination of the two are clearly dominating the fashion scene today. What we applaud about this fashion revolution is that it doesn’t really matter what kind of event you’re attending. Be it a dubstep night or a massive electro event, the occasion screams for the most creatively assembled outfit ever. Whatever you choose to deck yourself in, just remember that these days you simply are too cool to follow trends, you set the trends. So don’t be afraid to try anything new and crazy. Who knows, you could unknowingly start a whole new trend for others to imitate.

So what do you think of today’s dance fashion? Let us know in the comment box below!