Wear This Revolution!

For far too long, we have been subjected to condescending remarks and propaganda from the powers-that-be and the social conservatives (i.e. fat cats who can’t see past their bloated bellies). Politicians are coming up with senseless ruling on what we should wear or what music we should listen to or even the images that we should be paying attention to. So much for self-expression and individuality; how is it 1Malaysia when it’s more like their Malaysia?

Street demonstrations, public displays of dissatisfaction, and cultural clashes of art and activism are being embraced by our generation as a way to create a new identity and a new Malaysia-one that goes beyond corny slogans and flag-waving gaga. It’s no longer 1969. The kids are smarter now. They have access to information, and a platform to voice opinions and exchange views with the rest of the world via the internet. But while most youths have an opinion, most are generally apolitical or politically apathetic.

Defiance comes in many forms but on ground level, nothing’s more fun than pissing in the pool of the elite by making statements with what you wear. JUICE salutes, stands side-by-side in arm-locks, and marches on with our brothers and sisters of the cause.