Wear 1Asia

When 1Asia was launched in May 2008, JUICE was one of the few who gathered at Powder Records for the soft launch. We got 1st dibs of the compilation album with other peeps that know their hip hop ish. A very limited packed 1Asia: Asian Hip Hop’s Best Kept Secrets came in a packed shrink-pack. It then moved on to Stage 2 Pack, which featured 5 items of new tee designs. The latest has advanced into 2 new designed versions in blue and red colourways.

JUICE got on the cell and asked Powder Records’ Qumran a few Qs.

Where can you purchase 1Asia tees?
They are available at all Echo Park stores.

How much are they?
They range from between RM79.90 and RM99.90 and each comes with a bunch of other items including of shoelaces, sticker, cotton bracelet, CD….

Who designed the new tees?
The Stage 2 tee is a continuation of the small run Stage 1 tee designed by Timothy Chong aka Homeycydal, which were given out during an inner circle only soft launch last year. At the moment we only feature the 1Asia logo font derived from the cd artwork which was designed by Lestat and Ka Kin.

What has the response to the 1Asia compilation, tees and website been?
The response is great! We get extra props for the stickers and shoelace. The website is stagnant, particularly because there’s no CRM or social media tools that we use there or even a visitor counter. And no, we haven’t google analytics-ed it too. On the other hand we do continue to plug Asian hip hop in our Junk magazine column and at my blog. Follow it at www.twitter.com/1asiaqumran.

What else is coming up for 1Asia?
We are thinking about another CD after we conclude the current one. In the meantime we will be putting out some merchandise. We have at least 2 more runs before the year end.

Watch this space and get yo thread on! Head over to www.1asiahiphop.com for more.