we want conscious clothing! nau!

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Sometimes, good things happen when you key in the wrong URL. I came across the official website of clothing brand Nau, based in the sleepy American state of Oregon, with a name which means “welcome” in Maori (how Oregonites – Oreganos? – can make references to Maori culture I’ll never know) and, most importantly, pays particular attention to the impact of its products on the environment.

Nau products use materials that are organic and environmentally safe from the ground up; from planting and growing, to pest control, to harvesting and processing, to shipping, the fabric is so friendly to Mother Nature she’s thinking of adopting. And the designs aren’t your usual hippie hemp-cloth itchy-scratch jackets either: innovative twists and imaginative use of materials and lines puts Nau a notch higher on the tree-hugger couture hierarchy. My personal favourite is the Shacket. It’s not a shirt. It’s not a jacket. It’s a… yeah.

Go ahead and check out Nau. Now.