We Have The Solution

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Comrades! Please give big bear hug welcome to latest vodka in town! Ahem… sorry for our poor attempt at a Russian hospitality. Just that we’re still feeling a little Bolshevik after the launch of Solution Vodka last week.

The vodka, whose recipe comes straight from the motherland, commandeered Blanc Le Club in KL last Friday. And with a press invitation that mentioned “as smooth as water when consumed”, we couldn’t resist the call.

A little research on the history of vodka revealed that Russian vodkas, or “voda”, are generally acknowledged as the leaders in the market. By the 18th century, the Russian vodka industry was probably the most technologically advanced industry in the nation. But enough of the history lesson. Is it any good?

Well, it’s not easy to be a vodka critic since everyone’s tastebuds are different. But if you’re going to aim an AK47 at our head and demand our intel, then we’ll tell you that Solution Vodka is for those who enjoy their voda fruity or minty.

Solution Vodka comes in 4 flavors: Original (blue), Lemon (yellow), Orange and Peppermint (green). Encased in a sleek slim bottle, it will leave a lingering taste in your mouth after the first sip, probably as a result of it being distilled 5 times with 24 layers of filtration. Now, with your new found voda knowledge, you should be able to appreciate Solution Vodka better. Just remember to drive safely and tip the towel man in the toilet.

For more info on Solution Vodka, check out www.solutionvodka.com.