We Are Mutants Private Party @ Palate Palette

The Mutants were bringing the house down over at Palate Palette on Jalan Mesui recently when they had their private party! DJs Hackeem Elektrischer, Moonshark, H3 and VNRP made sure the crowd was just wild! There wasn’t a single person who wasn’t enjoying themselves that night and with good reason. The music was excellent! A good blend of old and new beats that everyone was able to enjoy and groove to throughout the night. Not to mention their special promotion for drinks that lasted most of the night! Mayhem indeed.

It was my first time at Palate Palette, so things are going to be interesting. The Mayhem was on the second floor of Palate Palette. The cozy space made it feel as if everyone was at house party rather then a bar which which is perfect for mingling, though at times it did feel a little bit cramp but that didn’t stop the dancing though! They were dancing all over the place that we had to watch where we were stepping. People were having a great time at every corner of the room. The promotion on drinks lasted from the start of the party till the about an hour before the party ended. Enough to get everyone in the party mood.

Everybody knows everybody at the party and if they didn’t then by the end of the night, they would. The bar and dancefloor was packed, there was never a moment that you could find either barren. It was good to see everyone come together. Nothing is better than a party with good music, good atmosphere and a good crowd -  We Are Mutants Private Party had all of that. All we can say is that Mutants truly delivered a mayhem!

We are Mutant’s Private Party was held at Palate Palette on 7 January 2010. More about Mutant Mayhem at www.mutantmayhem.info and hit up Palate Palette at www.palatepalette.com. Check out more pix in the Gallery!