Wayang Fajar

What Malaysia will we wake up to today?

JUICE takes on a more serious note as we put on our humble thinking caps to reflect back past events before we approach the New Year. Malaysians were hit by our very own political tsunami since the last general elections. How much has changed since then? With many surprises sprung on us each day, how do we keep sane? How do we stay safe? How do we respond to these events? Or is the saying still true, that the night is darkest before dawn?

Wayang Fajar is the first part of the Wayang Cahaya series, a performance of stories inspired by the many dawns we as Malaysians experience. It is also in conjunction with the Arts For Grabs. Five Arts Centre concludes their 25th anniversary with performances by Azmyl Yunor, Fahmi Fadzil, Grey Yeoh, Lisa Foo, Myra Mahyuddin, Ronnie Khoo and Zedeck Siew.

Entry is by RM10 donation. Wayang Fajar happens this Friday to Sunday (11th to 13th December 2009) at The Annexe Gallery. The show starts at 8.30pm on Friday and Saturday (11th & 12th December 2009) and 3pm on Sunday (13th December 2009). For more info, call 03 7725 4858 or log onto www.fiveartscentre.org.