Wavves: King of the Beach (Fat Possum)

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In the world of West Coast lo-fi, Wavves’ Nathan Williams is the sort of stoner freak that can’t stay out of trouble-a barroom brawl with Black Lips and firing his drummer onstage at a festival in Spain top the list. That’s okay. Lo-fi music is supposed to be a little weird and harsh on the ears.

Which is why King Of The Beach might just be the best Wavves album so far. Employing the services of the late Jay Reatard’s rhythm section (whom Jay also sacked viciously before his demise) has given Nathan the right amount of garage-assembled ammunition to bring his self-loathing, 2-minute punk pop songs to life. Think The Drums, except angrier and with a worse hangover.

LISTEN TO: ‘King Of The Beach’
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