Watch This: The Eagleman Stag


Calling all short film buffs! Check out this brilliant short film directed by Michael Please that has been featured in over 60 film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival and has been widely praised and accorded with over 20 awards including the BAFTA award.

The film features the stop-motion technique and incorporated thousands of hand-created models spread across 115 sets to depict the life of a man named Peter Eagleman, from his birth to his death – all in 9 minutes. From a young age, Peter has been extremely aware of the passage of time and as he grows older he becomes obsessed with this, making him a bitter old man. His fascination for insects plays a key factor in the growth of the film. He was also always seen with his companion, Phillip, though the significance in this is up for the viewers to decide.

Michael Please, a Masters graduate from London’s Royal College of Art, have worked alongside the likes of Ingrid Michaelson and has recently produced a short for Nike, and is a highly applauded director. He is currently working on his new project, Martyn Myller, and often works hand-in-hand with his brother, who produced the score for The Eagleman Stag.

The Eagleman Stag was released as an online version on 8 May 2012 after a very successful festival run. For more info, check out