Watch This: Nadhira’s ‘Closer’ feat. Vandal

Since the launch of her album 12 Shades, Malaysia’s favourite soulstress has been on a hot streak of performances and singles. And she continues with keeping up the hits rolling out with her latest video single ‘Closer’, which features veteran MC, Vandal (who happens to be her husband, if you didn’t know). The video, which was produced by 100 Monkeys, makes no attempt to hide its high production with its trippy visuals. Nadhira runs around in what seems like a lucid dream, in search of the man she’d like to be ‘Closer’ to. Spoiler alert: it’s hubby Vandal. Just like her single ‘Tear Us Apart’ (which still gets pretty heavy rotation, might we add), you can expect to be listening to ‘Closer’ a lot more on the radio. But in the mean time, you’ve got to check out the video.

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