WATCH: This Merdeka Ad Shows What Unites Malaysians & It’s Not What You Think

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source: Yoodo (Screenshot)

Apart from Netflix and k-dramas, we sure enjoy watching ads that make us weep and think about the beautiful things we have in Malaysia.

This ad by Yoodo is no different. It starts off with Malaysians from different walks of life being interviewed about their opinion on unity.

source: Yoodo (Screenshot)

It carries on this way, and just when you think it’s going to be another corny ad that will end in a cringe, it turns around and bonks you on the head with its plot twist.

It shows what Malaysians truly unite against, and it’s not what you think. Watch the video below:

That’s right folks, everybody’s a gangsta until a lipas starts flying around. It’s an unconventional and creative way to share a simple message – getting rid of a cockroach is a team effort.

Jokes aside, we think it’s a fun way of reminding us that we shouldn’t focus on our differences, but embrace our togetherness (in eradicating roaches).

In the spirit of celebrating our Independence and National Day, let’s drown the voices that try to divide us and focus on what unites us as Malaysians.