Watch This: Local Natives’ ‘Breakers’

The much anticipated sophomore album from indie rock folks Local Natives is set to be released on 28 January 2013. To tease us a little, the band released their single titled ‘Breakers’ last October and now they have the visual goodness to support the track. Old Local Natives fans would be in for a real treat as the band has left some of their old folky traits behind and opted for something a little heavier (not to worry the folk is still there). The trademark harmonies of vocals still consume the entire song, especially in the dynamic chorus.

The video made its debut last night and all we are wondering was how did lead singer Taylor Rice not hurt himself from falling down the stairs countless of times. We sure twitched like hell watching him squirm while rolling in the sand. There are a few scenes that seem a little bit unexplainable – astronauts walking on beaches, moving in reverse and a man wearing a demon mask. Maybe it’s just us, but we don’t seem to ‘get’ the idea of the video. But because the song is so good, we’ll just have to keep watching till we get it. Hummingbird, come quick before we start rolling down the stairs!

Head on down to the band’s website for more updates.