Watch This: Guba’s ‘Aku Pergi’

Local singer-songwriter Guba’s new video for his much celebrated song ‘Aku Pergi’ is now out, owing a big thanks to the studio that signed him, Laguna Music. Featuring a melancholic set up that sees the guitar-strumming pretty boy seated in front of a crackling campfire penning the new song, the video is every bit as haunting as the song.

In lieu of the sombre tone the song takes, the video pans from him to strategic shots of the rest of the camp set up behind him, showcasing no one else accompanying him on his songwriting escapade. The song itself is a sentimental piece that’s mostly instrumental, broken only occasionally by his soft croons of lost love.

We love it for the artistic take on the atmosphere where the focus is mainly on the small bonfire he has burning in front of him. Totally brings out the best of his brooding, torn artiste look! Check it out now if you haven’t already!

For more information, head on over to Guba’s official Facebook page here.