Watch This: Free Deserters’ ‘Out of Reach’

Free Deserters are the hybrid of their diverse musical backgrounds and the best bits of your record collection, all sprinkled with a little attitude. With the success of their debut album and tour in London and Amsterdam, the band just recently released the music video for their brand new psychedelic single ‘Out Of Reach’ from their soon-to-be released new album.

The video is a lovely trip of mirror effects, vivid colours, film defects, slow motion and all those other effects you see in lo-fi videos. It was shot on a low budget, which makes it a perfect visual companion to the track.

The track accompanying this video is a youthful song talking about how ignorance is bliss. It’s got that really chilled out psychedelic rock vibe to it but it’s also got that alternative feel which really shows how versatile the band is when it comes to their music.  A really well composed track that deserves more attention we reckon.

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