WATCH: Passengers on UK’s Tallest Rollercoaster Force to Walk Down When It Stops Mid-Air

source: @geo_connor (TikTok)

Riding on a rollercoaster is a thrill to have by itself, but a group of passengers had to face an unexpected one when the ride stopped mid-air, forcing them to walk hundreds of feet back to the ground.

According to Lancashire Telegraph, the tourists were stuck at the summit of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s The Big One, which is the tallest rollercoaster in the United Kingdom standing at 235 feet tall.

Some park visitors who captured footage of the incident commended the park’s staff’s prompt response to the situation, where they went up the roller coaster themselves and guided visitors to safety.

“Oh my God, Big One stopped right at [the] top today 12-ish and the staff had to walk everyone down safely. Well done. Think I would have been really scared,” park-goer Margaret Summers said in a public Facebook group on the same day.

A woman who got stuck on the ride (geo_connor) also shared a series of videos of the incident on TikTok. In one of the videos, you could even see the “200” ft sign next to her while another video shows her going down a steel staircase from the roller coaster’s summit. Yikes.

The Big One was considered the world’s tallest roller coaster at 65 metres when it opened in 1994 but was bested by Japan’s Fujiyama coaster which stands at 71 metres.


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