WATCH: Netizens Argue Over Why These Workers Are Packing Roti Bengali With Their Bare Hands

(Source: @AmmronAziz on Twitter)

Recently, a video uploaded by Twitter user @AmmronAziz went viral as it shows workers packing Roti Bengali, a famous Penang delicacy, into a truck in a somewhat unsanitary manner.


In the video, the workers are seen loading the bread into the boot of a car with their bare hands while the bread itself is exposed – not even wrapped in plastic.

Although some netizens are disgusted by the act, some are still giving the workers the benefit of the doubt as they are assuming that the bread is expired, thus it’s not for the consumption of humans but for animals instead.



No one knows exactly if the bread is meant for human or animal consumption as the men seen in the video can’t be identified or contacted.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has thought us, it’s to always be on a constant alert when it comes to taking care of our hygiene, especially when it comes to handling food – though sometimes it can’t be avoided like the recent case of this Johor cartel that’s been passing off illegal, smuggled meat as ‘halal’ meat in Malaysia.