WATCH: Indian Man Speaking With Fluent Mandarin & Hokkien to Sell Mops Wows The Crowd

source: Zeng Li Ren Facebook)

While we live in a multi-racial country, it’s not always common to see someone speak three languages, let alone know how to speak in different dialects!

A video of an Indian salesman speaking fluent Mandarin and Hokkien showcasing his wares to mind-blown bystanders in Singapore went viral recently.

In the 4-minute video uploaded on 21 February, the man is seen giving potential customers a thorough demonstration of the mop he’s selling, with clear-cut instructions and memorable catch phrases.

According to Mothership, at one point the salesman told the crowd in Hokkien to dump old fashioned mops. Part of his sales pitch was:

“It has been 50 years and still this [pointing to traditional mop]. 50 years ago Indian people can’t speak Mandarin. Now Indian people can speak Mandarin. Society has already changed. It is time to change your mop too.”

The crowd in the streets of Singapore were captivated by the salesman’s great pitch, demonstration and antics. Some of them couldn’t even wait until the presentation was over to buy the mop.

In the comment section of the video, people were blown away by his skills as a salesman and impressed by his proficiency in Mandarin and Hokkien. Some even suggested he should opt for live online sales since he’s that good!

To be honest, if I was there, I would have probably bought two mops even though I don’t understand Mandarin or Hokkien, just because he’s so charismatic.