WATCH: High-Glass Windows Shattering in KL Building During Thunderstorm Freaks Netizens Out

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(source: Twitter)

A video of a building’s glass windows shattering during a thunderstorm yesterday (13 April) in Kuala Lumpur has left many social media users on the edge. Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident.

According to Malay Mail, the six-second clip was filmed at the Akademi Etiqa building on Jalan Melaka. It shows a group of people scurrying into the lobby for shelter from the heavy rain and strong winds outside.

In the clip, you can hear a loud sound coming from the glass windows by the ATM as the panes come crashing down. A group of women are also seen fleeing to safety as gusts of wind begin to flood into the lobby.

The video was shared by Twitter user @jayyidkhairir, whose wife works in the building. He stated in another tweet that he was thankful that she was not there at the time.

He also shared some photos taken later by his wife which showed a scene of disarray with glass strewn across the floor and the curtain blinds tangled together.

Today (14 April), he tweeted new pictures showing that the glass had been cleaned up and that the curtain blinds were being used as a temporary fix to cover the windows. Take a look:

As for Etiqa, the company posted a Facebook update stating that no injuries were reported and that business will go on as usual.

“We would like to confirm that due to heavy downpour and strong winds this evening, the Akademi Etiqa building located at Jalan Melaka in the Kuala Lumpur city centre has suffered some damage. Thankfully, there are no injuries reported and our branch is open tomorrow for business as usual,” said Etiqa.

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