WATCH: Foo Fighters’ Chasing Birds Music Video in Honour of 4/20 is Psychedelic Treat

Source: Andress Neumann

Yesterday was 4/20 and the Foo Fighters dropped a special music video in honour of the day to celebrate marijuana activism!

For their new single ‘Chasing Birds’ from their latest album Medicine At Midnight, Foo Fighters released a new psychedelic animation video.

The video opens with frontman Dave Grohl singing, “Chasing birds to get high/ My head is in the clouds/ Chasing birds to get by/ I’m never coming down/ My heart is six feet underground,” while he wakes up in a bright desert with birds encircling the sky.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Bomper Studio who produced the video stated that the direction of the video aimed “to explore motifs within the song through taking the band on a psychedelic, technicolour journey; reminiscent of The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine.'”

Source: Foo Fighters

The psychedelic trip that we’re brought into continues to follow the animated band through a weird twisted adventure in a wild desert, with members encountering cactuses with flying lips and being stitched back up following a fall into the sand’s opened ‘mouth’. Groovy!

The band released the video on April 20 or better known as 4/20 and took to their Twitter account to wish #Happy420

In less than 13 hours, the psychedelic animated music vid gained over 132k views on the band’s official YouTube Channel.

Take a trip with the Foo Fighters on their psychedelic adventure, watch the video below!