WATCH: Discover The Stories Behind Pesta Kaamatan & Hari Gawai With These Cute Animations

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source: SAYS

This year, in celebration of Pesta Kaamatan and Hari Gawai, PETRONAS produced two heartwarming animated web films <3

Both of these films, titled Bambaazon and Manik Panik, revolve around East Malaysian harvest festivals. Featuring cute animations and witty conversations in native dialects, the films will be sure to spread some joy and laughter. But most of all, they remind us of the importance of kindness and togetherness, no matter what adversities we face.


Watch the videos below:


Bambaazon | Pesta Kaamatan

PETRONAS’ first-ever animated Kaamatan webfilm, Bambaazon, tells the story of an unusual friendship that unfolds between a wild baby rice plant named Jonjon, his cute little ladybug friends, and their worst enemy, Si Burong.

Set in the scenic backdrop of Sabah’s vast paddy field, Jonjon and his ladybug friends get the shock of their lives at the arrival of Si Burong, a seeming threat to Jonjon’s existence, oh nuuu!

Nevertheless, as time passes, Jonjon’s fear of the injured bird slowly turns into courage and kindness.

source: PETRONAS (YouTube)

One thing you’ll notice about the animation is the magnificent background of Sabah’s beautiful scenery and enormous paddy fields. Plus, the friendship between Jonjon and Si Burong that develops throughout this web film will definitely make your heart go aww. <3

All in all, the film celebrates the spirit of community and the will to persevere when faced with uncertainties, pushing the message of strength in unity.


Manik Panik | Hari Gawai

PETRONAS celebrates Hari Gawai Dayak this year with their festive Manik Panik web film, exploring themes of joy and togetherness.

Set in a longhouse on Gawai Dayak Eve, it features an unsolved mystery that has befallen the community when a beaded necklace belonging to the Gawai Festival Chief is found broken.

With everyone panic-stricken and no one coming forward, Detective Gerunung takes it upon himself to discover the truth. With the help of his friends, he sets off on journey of learning and discovery to fix the broken necklace in time for the Chief to wear it for the Gawai kick-off ceremony.

source: PETRONAS (YouTube)

The cool thing about this web film is that it features lots of traditional elements, from the Sarawakian Gawai Dayak longhouse, to the unique dialect of the characters.

If you look closely, the video also showcases various Dayak cultural objects and accessories such as gerunung (bell worn around the ankles) headgear, beads, terabai (warrior’s shield), and even a miniature hornbill!


Ultimately, this Pesta Kaamatan and Hari Gawai, PETRONAS wants to spread the love and joy with everyone through their heartfelt web films <3

As part of this, PETRONAS has also launched cute festive-themed sticker packs and online backgrounds that you can share with your loved ones, yayyy!

While we’re not allowed to have reunions and gatherings, we can always spread the love via social media, which is why PETRONAS released some really cool Bambaazon and Manik Panik sticker packs! Make sure to download and use them while chatting with your loved ones.


And if you’re going to be video calling with your family for Pesta Kaamatan and Hari Gawai, you can even use PETRONAS’ cute online backgrounds to get into the festive spirit.

Here’s how you can download them:

Sticker Packs
1. Install the app
2. Enter ‘R5KR6H’ for Bambaazon-themed stickers or ‘5DPIY1’ for Manik Panik-themed stickers
3. Tap ‘Get Stickers’ and use them to spread joy to everyone

Online Backgrounds
1. Visit this Facebook post and select your fave background
2. Right-click to save the background you like
3. Add your new background and let the virtual celebrations begin

Celebrate Pesta Kaamatan and Hari Gawai with PETRONAS by watching the web films on their YouTube channel, or by heading over to their Facebook page for more details

You can also look out for fun snippets of these adorable films on PETRONAS’ Instagram, as well as on TV3 and Astro channels! 😀