WATCH: BMO on a Quest in New Adventure Time ‘Distant Lands’ Teaser

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source: Cartoon Network/ HBOMax

Adventure Time, one of the greatest animated series ever made has introduced us to so many beloved characters. And BMO, the sentient Game Boy analogue is no doubt a fan favourite amongst the many colourful people of Ooo.

When it was announced that the show is going to continue at its new home HBOMax, fans were elated. After teasing us with a poster, we now we have a teaser for what’s to come, with BMO front and centre for the Adventure Time Distant Lands special.

In the brief teaser, we get to see the vast nothingness of the universe and BMO singing about loneliness – or not-so loneliness. There’s not a lot to see, but it’s the first time we’ve gotten anything since the main series finale ended back in 2018. And might I say that the animation is looking extra crisp here.

Adventure Time Distant Lands will serve as a special epilogue, continuing the adventures of our heroes after the grand battle at the end of season 10. These specials will be an-hour long, with the first two episodes, ‘BMO’ and ‘Obsidian’ focusing on Princess Bubblegum and Marceline.

Adventure Time Distant Lands will premiere on HBOMax this year. 

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