WATCH: A Galaxy Far, Far Away Get The Anime Treatment It Deserves in ‘Star Wars: Visions’

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source: Disney/LucasFilm

It is prevalent and obvious that there are many Japanese influences that the Star Wars galaxy has taken inspiration from. Now, LucasFilm reveals that the galaxy far, far away is getting its first and formal anime treatment in the form of short films.

Star Wars: Visions is an upcoming original series of short films from seven leading Japanese anime studios. During its reveal at Anime Expo Lit last weekend, fans were treated with a sneak peek that featured a huge range of visual styles and ideas.

While these stories are set in the Star Wars expanded galaxy, LucasFilm allowed creators to tell stories they wanted to tell without needing to tie into the main story arc of the films and series.

“We wanted this to be authentic as possible to the studios and creators. The idea was, this is their vision, riffing off all the elements of the Star Wars galaxy that inspired them,” LucasFilm executive producer James Waugh said during the panel.

The people behind Visions are also said to be hardcore Star Wars fans, which made it easier for them to go wild with their imaginations to create an anthology series unlike anything seen before.

source: Disney/LucasFilm

Check out the shorts and the studios working on them:

  • The Duel by Kamikaze Douga (Batman Ninja)
  • Lop & Ocho by Geno Studio (Golden Kamuy)
  • Tatooine Rhapsody by Studio Colorido (A Whisker Away)
  • The Twins and The Elder by Trigger (Kill La Kill)
  • The Village Bride by Kinema Citrus (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0)
  • Akakiri and T0-B1 by Science Saru (Japan Sinks)
  • The Ninth Jedi by Production IG (Ghost in the Shell)

You can catch all episodes of Star Wars: Visions on Disney+ Hotstar when it arrives on 22 September 2021.