Warning: Contains Scenes Of A Graphic Nature

Shady’s back, back again with another controversial hype. Often caused by his perverse lyrics and hard-hitting subject matter, Eminem is back with one better than the last. Checkout his latest and most graphic video yet, ‘Space Bound’.


You simply can’t deny this one’s a fantastic track, embedded with emotion and classic, untainted rapping but we warn you to proceed viewing with caution. If you’re squeamish, this video may not be for you.

Staring beside porn star, Sasha Grey, Eminem portrays two versions of the same character in a story of suspicion, deception and love driven madness – a cocktail for all interesting material!

Towards the end of the video Eminem resolves in pulling out a gun and shooting himself in the head. Crazy right? This one will hit you hard in both aural and visuals!

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