Wardrobe Ups The Amp On Menswear With Acme Society At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2022

If you thought pairing modernity and comfort with elegance and class was an impossible feat, Wardrobe, Malaysia’s premier menswear label, will prove you wrong.

Wardrobe uncovered the final section of its trilogy collection christened ACME SOCIETY at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2022 last Saturday (23 July 2022) in the presence of a packed audience at ZeppKL, with some of the nation’s style set and game changers in attendance.

True to its pledge, Fang Heng, Wardrobe’s Chief Executive Officer, and his team presented a selection of sheer spectacle that not only brings together the label’s customary essence but also incorporates a contemporary and inventive discourse.

ACME SOCIETY highlighted a sequence of advancement and a style sensibility that has now become exclusive to the brand, with 30 unique, curated looks.

“The collection is designed to fit and be reimagined based on one’s demeanour and character. It is a new benchmark that we have established by transforming variables and limitations into starting points.

“The timbre of the collection, as the title suggests, expresses of a more refined, informed, and notable individual in society. The boundary between deluxe tailoring and street-smart casualwear is becoming increasingly blurred, but its technical components, use of hue, and play of varied silhouettes persist,” asserts Fang Heng.

ACME SOCIETY by Wardrobe utilised fleshtones, a lineup of greyscales, patterns on patterns ranging from glen checks to plaids and stripes on ingenious outerwear; and concluded the show with flair and vigour employing deep intonations such as maroon, burgundy, and black.

“The use of various methodologies and materials generates a recognisable and cutting-edge aesthetic. Throughout the presentation, there existed a notion of liberation.

“The idea is to rely on our artistry as a foundation while not permitting it to limit us. I trust ACME SOCIETY has successfully communicated its proposition – an elegance tied to the brand’s legacy, but ahead of the curve with a modern interpretation of a a hyper-fluid era,” Fang Heng adds.

Separated into three segments deemed the appetisers, the mains and finale looks, the collection is almost good enough to eat…

Hungry for more? Feed your curiosity by visiting www.wardrobe.com.my.

Photos by All Is Amazing