Wanton Of The Proletariat EP Launch @ Findars

Most people would get out of the way when they see a flying guitar coming at them. More so if it’s at a Deng Deng Etc gig. But as JUICE likes to stand our ground in the mosh pit, this rare report gives you a glimpse into the oft-misunderstood world of KL’s sickest band….

Anticipation was running high for the release of Wanton of the Proletariat as Deng Deng Etc is regarded as one of the local Chinese indie scene’s best live acts. The fact that they have been out of action for awhile only fueled our desire to see them thrashing the stage once again. And as much as we would like to endorse their EP, JUICE thinks that the recording only captures a fraction of their full live fury. But still, that’s one hell of a loud fraction.

Kicking off the night was a special performance by an experimental duo made from noise folker Azmyl Yunor and wailing saxophonist Yandsen. For one night only, they treated the audience to a half hour set of buzzing guitars, screeching sax and droopy drums.

Flirting With Sleep came on next and took it up a notch with their pop rock cycles. But it wasn’t until party punkers Ben’s Bitches took to stage that the crowd finally got off their asses. Infamous for their loud, vulgar and crass stage personality, the band gave a performance that could only be described as “nasty”. Taunting the crowd with underground hits such as ‘Peter The Pirate’, ‘Aku Suka Jolok’ and ‘Berbulu’, Ben’s Bitches created a mosh pit in the confines of the small art gallery venue.

As most people who came that night already knew, the frontman of Deng Deng Etc, Hoong, was facing possible incarceration as a result of getting caught selling DVDs. Luckily, a small pool was created from donations by gig goers and sales of the EP. Hoong now looks like he’s getting a 2nd chance and has vowed not to sell anymore DVDs after this. Instead, he’s thinking of venturing into the ever-lucrative pisang goreng business.

Personal tribulations aside, Deng Deng Etc’s set was as brutal as it gets. Hoong was screaming bloody murder in Mandarin even before they played. It was clear that Hoong and bassist Mad were wasted. They trotted from side to side and seemed easily distracted.

Deng Deng Etc’s set lasted nearly an hour but they only play 4-5 songs. Most of the time was spent restringing and retuning the guitars that Hoong broke. Finally, someone borrowed him a Gibson Les Paul. For those of us who are guitar illiterate, that’s an expensive guitar that you don’t just f**k around with. But obviously, the etiquette of handling pricey guitars don’t apply to Hoong.

After ripping through their metal funkoid repertoire, Deng Deng Etc closed with ‘Our F**king Daydream’ a song about the ignorance of the masses. This was when the infamous flying guitar was sighted. From one end of the stage to another, a blur of sunburst went across as Hoong hurled the prized Gibson at Mad who had tripped and fell on the floor. Why? What reasons do you need when it’s Deng Deng Etc? Just be glad you came out without any broken bones.

During that last song, however, the crowd (which included members of Findars) really tore the place apart. For a full minute and 10 seconds, bodies slammed, danced and pogoed away. The gig ended as abruptly as it started. As the crowd trickled out of Findars drenched in sweat, Hoong and bandmates remained onstage, drained, used, wasted. Whoever said rock was dead probably did not see this. J

Big thanks to all those who came and supported the show. Deng Deng Etc will be performing next at Rockaway @ CapSquare on 20 June 2009.

Image Ricky Sow